ls -l

A graphical clone of the ls -l command, uses a fast and selfmade GUI to do the job. It's only dependant on Xlib so it's rather fast to start. Conceived during a lab assignment.

Download source:
ls-l.tar.gz - 32.9 KB ls-l.tar.bz2 - 26.5 KB

Compiling and installing:
Compiling should be straightforward, just run make.
If no errors occur you should have an executable called tstX, now type ./tstX to run it.
If you have any problems you might need to download tmake from Troll Tech, and do a tmake -o Makefile, then do the make procedure again.

The project page can be found here.

Some screenshots:
Directory lister
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ls-l (c) 2000 Jan Borsodi and Bård Farstad